No stranger to the spotlight, L.I.V.E.Wire is a rising star and a true example of what living with purpose, on purpose, is all about. Born as Terry Moore, L.I.V.E.Wire has experienced more than most and is wise beyond his years. Although L.I.V.E.Wire was born into unfortunate circumstances, he was also afforded the opportunity to travel extensively and perform at some of the biggest venues across the world and share the stage with a host of music superstars. Therefore, it is safe to say that he has seen the best of both worlds. It is for this reason that L.I.V.E.Wire has wired and programmed himself to be a Living Inspiration Via Entertainment. L.I.V.E.Wire's lyrical abilities and signature showstopping and electrifying performances, coupled with his strong work ethics and wise business decisions, are just a few of the reasons why he is heavily respected by industry veterans. His unassuming appearance and genuine character can be noted on and off the stage. L.I.V.E.Wire's raw authenticity coupled with his confident delivery that comes across effortlessly in his music, gives him a competitive edge, as an artist. His current single "Out Of Style" featuring Jim Jones and Fred The Godson is currently receiving airplay on Power 105.1 FM, one of the biggest R&B and Hip Hop stations in the Northeast Region. It is also the first single off of his highly anticipated album "No Label 2", slated to be released later this summer through his record label, The Formula Inc.


From his first recorded song ‘Somthin’, Terry "L.I.V.E.Wire" Moore opened his life to the world of audiences before him. As he states in the song "Moms had her habits, Pops had his habits and dammit neither one of them were strong enough to carry him." To every listener, he pens music about what many are afraid to reveal, their past. Traveling from one home to another and struggling for survival, never really knowing where home was, Terry followed a hard path through his childhood years. Yet, he found hope and a home in music.


Growing up, L.I.V.E.Wire's mother struggled with her addiction to crack and his father fell to the growing epidemic of many black males, imprisonment. Many young men in his position would have faltered to the backside of society, but he knew he was destined for something better and he was prepared to fight for a future. It is this fighting determination that remains constant in music, despite the success he continues to create and experience, which he never takes for granted.


As a young boy, his grandmother made sure he would be raised in the church. This is where his love affair with music and instrumentation began. While in church, L.I.V.E.Wire learned how to play the drums and mastered it on his own within two years. During his time between homes as an adolescent, he spent time with his mom in Syracuse . There he would discover his undeniable talent as an artist or what some would call a lyrical prodigy. L.I.V.E.Wire, along with his best friend Terrence Byrd, would soon form the group TnT, which stood for Terry and Terrence and eventually took the city of Syracuse by storm. Young and talented, they performed in front of audiences as large as 16,000 people, always coming in first place at any competition. His popularity grew quickly and reoccurring drama ensued. Even though he enjoyed what he was doing with his friend Terrence, L.I.V.E.Wire decided to relocate back to his home in Brooklyn, where he could focus on his music and further his talent.


It was only a short period of time, since L.I.V.E.Wire's return to Brooklyn before word spread on the streets about his talent. People began to notice his relentless attitude and natural abilities. Following his path to success as an artist and an entrepreneur, he was able to advance his talent through the means of Art Start’s Hip-Hop Project (HHP). The program was funded by Russell Simmons, whose purpose is to assist young artists in perfecting their craft, in addition to teaching them the business aspect of the music industry. Later, L.IV.E.Wire and the Hip-Hop Project became the focus of the award-winning movie executive produced by Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah titled “The Hip-Hop Project”. The movie features Bruce Willis, Russell Simmons, Doug E. Fresh and Sway of MTV News.


From there, he made the decision to be managed by Al King of Go Ghettaz Entertainment, who was working with the Bad Boy artist Verse. While under Al’s management, there were conversations and words of advice given to L.I.V.E.Wire that pivoted his road to success. His initiative to create his own success and innate talent stand out from the many people who are seeking fame. L.I.V.E.Wire carries this wisdom with him in his pursuit of greatness.

Most recently, L.I.V.E.Wire opened up for Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, French Montana, and reggae artist Mavado at Nassau Coliseum for the Spring Invasion 2K13 Concert. He has performed for outstanding audiences, sharing the stage with musical greats such as Kanye West, John Legend, Dead Prez, Mr. Cheeks, Brand Nubien, Shaggy, Mya and Dana Dane, just to name a few. In 2004, he was also voted Most Exciting Artist of The Year at the Underground Music Awards.


Currently co-managed by Jamtown Entertainment and music executive Eternal, L.I.V.E.Wire commands full control of his future. He partnered with Jamil Clay, brother of Kareem Biggs Burke (CEO of Rocafella Records), in the launching of their own recording company The FORMULA, Inc. in pursuit of stamping their success in the music industry. Rising to bring the soul back to music, L.I.V.E.Wire is destined to become a Hip-Hop legend.

The Formula Inc.

Eternal Bakr11216@gmail.com




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